A little about me

I don’t know why, but I am having a hard time writing an “about me” page. What to say about myself…let me see…


I am a simple person with modest hopes and dreams. Like a lot of women, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.  My family and friends mean the world to me and I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people every day. I work full-time as an events planner and have been able to travel to some incredible places with my job. But, the more I travel the more I prefer to be home with the people I love.

Machu PicchuJerusalemAmazonGreece

Photos: Machu Picchu, Jerusalem, Amazon River, Ancient Greece

I like to craft if the projects are simple and straight forward. My favorite place to visit is Kauai. The end of the year is my absolute favorite – my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – how can you go wrong? My husband and I like to wind down at the end of the night and watch TV together. The Walking Dead is our current favorite, but my all-time favorite show is Parks and Rec. My favorite color is navy, hence “The Navy Nest.”

You will not find over-the-top DIY projects or complicated recipes on this blog. I do not excel in baking fancy cakes, hand-sewing Halloween costumes, or refinishing furniture. Despite that I know I can create a happy childhood for my baby and future children. It is the simple things in life that create memorable moments so this will be a simple blog with simple everyday life tips.

For promotional and business collaborations,
or for any personal questions you may have, you can reach me at thenavynest@gmail.com

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