And we’re off! The bottle, that is.

It was a big weekend for Liam. We retired the baby bottle and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t the tiniest bit sad. It was yet another step from turning my baby boy into a little boy. Liam is NOT a snuggler, but he would cuddle up with me when I would feed him his bottle before nap and bed time. Sigh, I already miss my snuggles, but I guess I’ll have to trick him into cuddling with me some other way now. J

We weren’t planning on nixing the bottle this weekend. In fact, I had kind of given up on the idea of getting rid of the bottle because he has been sick every other weekend and the bottle was the only thing he’d eat. I have been trying “bottle weaning” and taking away one bottle at a time, but wasn’t making very much progress. And the nighttime bottle, psh – I thought he was going to have that until he was five he was so attached. But, Friday morning we woke up and he was happy and active so I decided we wouldn’t do a bottle and have breakfast together instead. My sitter didn’t give Liam a bottle all day because he was having so much fun. He was having such a good day without it so I decided to run with it. I knew getting rid of the nighttime bottle was going to be the hardest and was dreading bedtime. I began the process of putting him to bed without it and he was not happy. I sat outside his door for 5 minutes, waiting to jump into action with the bottle if I needed to. Each time I had my hand on the door knob ready to cave he’d stop crying. After 15 minutes he went to sleep and slept through the whole night! Saturday there were a few tears shed at the morning nap, but he has been a trooper and kicked it. I am so proud of my little guy!

Although I am sure he didn’t make the connection, we went to the park as a “reward” for Liam doing so well off the bottle. It was a reward for me too. It made me feel like a nice mom even though I was ripping that little comfort away from him. There is a park in the city we are moving to that is amazing. It has three different sets of playgrounds and we tried them all. Liam was in heaven and we could have spent all afternoon there. He of course liked to climb on everything and was having so much fun exploring. He loved the teeter tooter and the swing is always a hit with him. Yay, for successful weekends and moving forward! J







9 thoughts on “And we’re off! The bottle, that is.

  1. Maggie says:

    Our kids transitions mark milestones in our parenting journey. Even when it is forward progress, sometimes the transition is hard on everyone. Keep moving forward!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My Desert Love (@MyDesertLove) says:

    What an amazing little person you have in your midst. It goes by so fast. Really takes me back. Thanks so much for sharing. In my experience, sometimes they take several steps forward and then change their minds. You just have to hold back and let them figure out where they need to be. They know what they need. Best wishes to you.


    • thenavynest says:

      Thank you so much for commenting and for sharing your experience. Isn’t it the truth. They really do know what they need and when they are ready to move forward and maybe take a couple steps back for a little bit. It amazes me how smart they are.


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