I {heart} mornings

Can I just say, I {heart} mornings. I haven’t always loved them. I am more of a night owl so when Liam came along loving the mornings I learned to love them too. They can be hectic and crazy, but I love that we can spend a little time as a family before we go our separate ways. When I say “spending time” I mean, eating breakfast, getting dressed, packing lunches…you know, morning stuff, but I love it still the same.

Getting Liam out of the crib in the mornings is one of those silly little things Trevor and I race each other to do. He is just so stinking sweet, looking out above his crib with his blankie in hand. He makes sure that before we get him out we have all his stuffed animal friends that spent the night. The lucky parent that gets him out of the crib is treated to a sweet snuggle and then usually an “oooo” as he points to the door, ready to go for the day.

Mostly Liam loves to tear into things while we are bustling around getting ready. He loves mom’s purse and putting on chapstick. He loves tearing out all the shoes from the closet. He loves helping to make the bed and handing us pillows. He loves brushing his teeth and steeling Mom and Dad’s toothbrush to do so (even though he has his own). Lately, he loves dragging around a wad of yarn. I have put it up so many times because I feel like it is a tripping hazard, but he keeps finding it. I guess I need to put it up higher. The house will be nice and tidy when I go to bed at night, but at 7:30am it a disaster zone. You’d think it would drive me nuts, and some days it does, but more than anything I love that Liam is exploring, active and busy. He is such a happy camper in the mornings and Trevor and I are always laughing at the randomly cute stuff he does.

PS – The little guy is teething as of late and is a drooling machine. I love this cute bandana bib from H&M that he can wear throughout the day to help his shirt from turning into a wet dishrag.








10 thoughts on “I {heart} mornings

  1. confettiandbliss says:

    Liam is such a darling little boy! It’s so wonderful to see mothers really enjoying these special years with their children. Time flies by so fast…


  2. Brittany says:

    I am definitely NOT a morning person, but I am trying to get there. Even though I hate the mornings I love the feeling I get when I know I’ve accomplished a lot during a day, since I woke up earlier 🙂


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