Mommy Attitude Adjustment

Liam was a handful this past weekend. He played in the toilet, had his first store meltdown, would throw things off his highchair and laugh at me when I got stern with him and told him “no-no.” You know, toddler stuff. But, the whole weekend was a battle for me. My baby boy is no longer a baby. He has his own personality, his own thoughts, and…well…a little bit of a temper. I told my mom that Liam was testing me this weekend and she asked me something that has made me stop and think. She said, “Well, have you passed?”

Did I pass? Well, I didn’t get too overly upset or lose my temper with him, but I did let his behavior ruin my day and found myself getting frustrated that I couldn’t control my own kid. It made me scared for the next 18 years and what is in store for me. I don’t want everyday to be a battle. I want to enjoy motherhood and watching my kids grow and learn.

As I was rocking Liam to sleep on Sunday night I reflected on my responsibilities as a parent. My responsibility isn’t to control Liam, but to teach him every day. He is new at this living and learning thing and, as his mom, he needs my guidance. I feel like after this past weekend I needed a mommy attitude adjustment.

This week I have been focusing on finding joy in the journey and honestly, I have noticed a difference. Not necessarily in Liam’s behavior, but in my reactions. I have found myself laughing at Liam instead of getting frustrated with him. The little angry shake he demonstrated last night left me giggling because he was so angry I washed his hair. Instead of ignoring his behavior and feeling annoyed like I would have done  last week, I told him that wasn’t very nice and we went about our night. I have found myself being more patient. I have looked for the teachable moments instead of just giving in to his demands because it is the easy thing to do. I am figuring out how to embrace and thrive during this next phase of motherhood. Yes, Liam is his own person. Yes, I am going to get frustrated with him. Yes, he is going to get frustrated with me. But, through it all I hope Liam can feel my unconditional love for him and we can both grown together. Poor kid, he is my guinea pig.









3 thoughts on “Mommy Attitude Adjustment

  1. chaoticblisshs says:

    I think we all need to make mommy adjustments in our life. Life is so hard, so its so easy to let all of the frustrations take over completely. I’m glad you were able to block out the frustrations a little better and just enjoy time being a mom. Those are the moments you’ll want to remember someday!


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