Your place of comfort.

Mom reading

My baby boy turned one a few weeks ago which left me reflecting on his first year of life.  I have to say it’s been a crazy one. We have had a few challenges thrown at us that forced us to take a couple steps back and refocus our priorities. This summer we made the decision to sale our beautiful house in a lovely neighborhood with great neighbors and downsize to something closer to our families. Although it was an incredibly hard decision, I am already seeing the pay-off.

As part of our commitment to change I’ve started this blog to challenge myself. I’d be lying if I said that being a working mom is a breeze. I have had a hard time adjusting and juggling all the responsibilities placed in front of me as a wife, a mother, and an employee. I keep saying that I am not the wife and mother I want to be and I keep waiting for the next phase in life when I can be. But, the reality is, life is only going to get crazier. Life goes by way too fast and is way too fragile to keep dreaming it away. I have challenged myself to post something on this blog at least once a week that will strengthen my home and the people in it.

The Urban Dictionary defines “nest” as – Your place of comfort also known as your home sweet home. What you call your house if you love it. What is my inspiration for creating my own “nest?”

My mom.


My home growing up was a sanctuary. A safe place to get away and retreat after a long day. Everyone felt loved and welcome. It was a place where my friends felt comfortable and they commented multiple times that is was a place they wanted their future home to be like. My mom ran an orderly home full of love and acceptance. Our home wasn’t immaculately decorated or full of DIY projects, but it was the small things my mom did everyday that made our home a special place.

Mom and camping

Some of my favorite memories growing up were reading Little House on the Prairie or going on after school drink runs to the gas station with my mom. As a family we would watch TGIF with Boys Meets World and Sabrina while eating homemade Oreo shakes. My mom would wake up with me at 5am to make me breakfast before I ran out the door to cheerleading practice. Our house was always clean and tidy and my mom had a “store” of supplies for birthdays, school projects, and food.  She served those in our church and neighborhood and still does. She worked from home and volunteered at all our school functions. She always made us feel like we were a million bucks on our birthdays or special days. She did all this without the help of Pinterest or extravagant planning.


I have always admired my mom, but only now, after being a new mom myself, do I realize what a rockstar she truly is. I want my home to be like the one I grew in, a place of comfort and love. A place where my kids will look back on and have fond memories of growing up.

You will not find over-the-top DIY projects or complicated recipes on this blog. I do not excel in baking fancy cakes, hand-sewing Halloween costumes, or refinishing furniture. Despite that I know I can create a happy childhood for my kids. It is the simple things in life that create memorable moments so this will be a simple blog with simple everyday life tips.

Mom and Nat's Wedding

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